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Blog - 3 Ways to Prevent Windshield Cracks

Have you ever wondered how did a windshield crack get on your loved car? Sometimes unexpected things happen, and one of them are windshield damages. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate, below are 5 ways to prevent windshield cracks.

1. Keep a distance from big vehicles.

Large or oversize vehicles tend to throw rocks or debris flying high on the air. If you are unlucky, it may land in your vehicle, causing windshield chips or cracks. Keep a far away distance to avoid these unnecessary problems.

2. Avoid severe temperatures

Hot or cold(freezing) temperatures may cause your windshield to crack due to the glass nature of expanding and contracting via rapid temperature changes. Let your windshields reach a nominal temperature and avoid exposing it to such dramatic changes (pouring hot water on an icy windshield or cold water on a hot windshield is a NO NO).

3. Fix small window chips as soon as possible.

Leaving small window chips unattended will cause them to develop into cracks posing a driving hazard. If you need help on a windshield replacement, please send us a message for a free quote our or call us at 951-742-5448.